House Dress launches! Start Pre-ordering now!

We've launched! This is how I feel: like I'm listening to Enya or Sade while arranging my small ceramic bowl collection; like I'm hanging out with my cabal and feeling overly optimistic about the future because we've drunk and spilled too much wine; like I'm twirling around in circles flying band aid and beige colored silken streamers in a blurry neutral rainbow. House Dress is the physical manifestation of everything that I love. I hope that you love it too. I want to make something that women will wear and feel connected to and feel empowered and beautiful in. Please put these clothes on and know that they were made just for you so you can walk around, carry a lot of snacks in your generously proportioned pockets, feel yourself, get stopped on the street because you look so goddamned good and know that you're wearing clothes made by women for women who dress for other women.


Katie Goldman Macdonald